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How To Get Your House SOLD & Get Top Dollars To Sell It
In Today's Market? Sellers MUST Know

1. First impression from the exterior of the house. Very important. Pay attention to details such as a welcome entrance, beautiful flower gardens, clean and clear all busy decorations, add fresh paint etc., to make potential buyers feel more welcoming and safe as they decided to walk through the door and interested to see more.

2. Home should always be ready to show, at all times. Make your home always clean, don't put too many items/stuff on the kitchen countertop, no dirty dishes in the sinks, clean all table surfaces and the house should have no bad smell. Make the beds and close the toilet's lid.

3. Update the kitchen if you can (if it is really dated and really need a remodeling). This effort can add in more thousand dollars of your asking price.  Almost all the buyers ended up buying the house because of the kitchen. It is the first and most important selling tool in selling your home. For example, add stainless steel appliances, to impress the buyers, use fresh, neutral-color paint and polish, or new cabinets. You know remodel list sounds endless but reasonably quick fix and or add in the value to help sell for more is worth it.

4. If you have an inside pet, make sure there is NO pet smell pet and NO pet hair everywhere. Not all potential buyers are dog or cat lovers. The smell of the kitty litter or pet hair will turn the buyers off because they might think that the house is not clean.

5. Hire the right real estate agent to list your house. It is important to hire a local real estate broker who can access different multiple listing services (MLS) to perform a good comparison in the neighborhood, recommend a realistic price, who know well your neighborhood, local market, and trends so they can keep you totally informed and to get your house sold.

6. Do anything you can to make your house bright for showing. Big selling factor. Clean the doors and windows, take down all drapes to let in the sunshine. Change the lampshades, brighter light bulbs, cut down outside bushes if necessary if they block the light into the house.

7. Reorganize and clear out the clutters if possible, from every room, closet, drawer. Put in storage the personal stuff possible such as family photos, personal keepsakes, personal collection, etc., The potential buyers want to envision the home for their own style if they live there. Make the floor plan open, arranging your furniture if needed for the best showing.

8. Pricing it right from the beginning is the best strategy to sell a home in today's market. It is a "make or break it" element to get your home sold or not, because if you priced it too high than the market worth then the house will sit too long in the market and be staled, people and the realtors would not looking at close anymore. It is so important to price your home correctly right from the beginning.


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